About Us

Peruvian Birding and Nature Expeditions is a Peruvian Tourist Operator specialized in Birdwatching and Nature, develops its operations in Perú and neighboring countries (Ecuador and Colombia).

Our vision is to manage a modern and professional Tourism Operations for Birdwatching and Nature in Perú, involving the local communities and taking care of the environment.

Peruvian Birding and Nature Expeditions is engaged in practicing an authentic ECOTURISM in Perú and in the Neotropical Region, promoting and providing the Birdwatching and Nature experience with the highest security level, competitiveness and flexibility.

Peruvian Birding and Nature Expeditions gathers the leader guides, tour conductors, drivers, chefs and experienced managers in Birdwatching all of them worked for Tourist companies here in PERÚ

Not only our main guides with go with you during your Birdwatching and Nature trip but also we use local guides trained for Peruvian Birding and Nature Expeditions, involving the local communities in the Tourist activity.