Do I need a Visa or passport to enter into Peru?
Most of countries from America and Eastern of Europe do not need visa. Bolivia, Equator, Brazil and Chile citizens are able to enter into to certain regions of the country submitting their Identification Card. The maximum stay period is 90 days.

In case of longer stay periods for different purposes (residence, study, researching, work, etc), please request the respective Visa in the Peruvian Consular Office.

For information regarding Peruvian Consular Offices and Embassies of other countries go to the website: www.rree.gob.pe

How is weather?  What kind of clothes do I have to wear?
Temperatures vary depending on the region. There are two specific seasons in the coast, SUMMER (from December to March) with temperature to 27°C approximately, and WINTER (from April to November) with temperatures that goes to 12°C approximately.

In the Mountain, weather is dry and moderate having two specific seasons, one from April to November with sunny days, very cool nights and scarcely rains; the other one is from December to March with rainy days. Generally, there are sudden changes in the temperatures during the day that goes from 20ºC to 2ºC.

In the jungle, weather is humid and tropical. It has two well-defined seasons, one from April to October with sunny days and temperatures above the 30° C and the rainy season from November to March with frequent rains.

Can I use my credit cards in Peru?
Most of the Hotels and local stores accept credit card such as Visa, Mastercard, Diners, and American Express. Traveler checks are rarely used; hence, you are advised to ask before.

What is the exchange rate? Where Can I exchange my money?

The official currency is the Nuevo Sol (S/.), the US $ is accepted in some malls, restaurants, and gas stations according to the effective exchange rate.

Foreign currencies (dollars or pounds sterling) can be exchanged in hotels, banks, and authorized exchange money bureau.

Business hours in most of banks and exchange bureau are from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday until midday. The ATM centers accepting most of credit cards or ATM cards are available in some main cities. For further information about exchange rate, please visit web site: http://www.sbs.gob.pe

Which is the voltage to Peru?

220 volts and 60 cycles. Most of the 4 and 5 star hotels have 110 power volts.

When do we have holidays in Peru?

January 1: New Year

April 17: Easter Thursday
April 18: Easter Friday
April 19: Easter Sunday

May 1: Labor’s day
Second Sunday: Mother’s day

3er. Sunday: Father’s Day.
June 24: Peasant Days / San Juan Bautista
June 29: San Pedro y San Pablo

July 28: Independence Day
July 29: Independence Day

August 30: SANTA ROSA of LIMA (Patron Saint of the National Police Force)

October 8: Angamos  Battle.

November 1: Saint Day

December 8: Immaculate Conception Day
December 25: Christmas