Tour Leaders & Staff

The Staff of Peruvian Birding and Nature Expeditions


Juan Jose ChalcoJuan Jose has just joined our experienced guides staff in PBNE, he is one of the most outstanding guides and one of the pioneers in birdwatching in Peru with a great record of observed birds. He has conducted many group of birdwatchers in the North and Central of Perú. He worked for several birdwatching tour companies. We are pleased to have  Juan Jose in our company. Welcome Juan Jose. 


alex-durandAlex is the best Peruvian guide in Birdwatching, he was born in Cusco, has inborn qualities of an excellent birdwatcher, he is tireless and has the visual and hearing acuity of a experienced Birdwatcher, he is able to recognize more than 300 species by their songs,  he is a proactive person. We are sure that with Alex your species list will increase considerably. He has taken part of many Birdwatching expeditions in Perú.


alejandro-telloAlejandro is an experienced leader guide in Birdwatching, well-known professional photographer of birds and nature, took part in many Birdwatching expeditions, also he is the author of many publications related to birds and wetlands in Perú. He is an activist in conservation and is the Director of the program of DESERT SHELTERS.


oscar-gonzalesHe is Biologist and his speciality is in Ornithology. He is currently studying a PhD in Interdisciplinary Ecology in the University of Florida. I have ample experience in research on Ecology, censuses, reproduction, distribution and inventories of bird species and bird communities in Peru.

His scope has been in the coast, high Andes and rainforest of Peru and also outside the country. He has worked in several projects directed and managed by himself, several of them with support of funding institutions that deal with research and conservation of birds. He is a member of several Associations of Nature, Bird Research and Conservation; also have more than 20 papers published in Peruvian and international journals of scientific interest. He was the main author of a new guide to the birds of Lima, Peru (1998). He have interest in the positive relationship of Science and Faith.


gustavo-bautistaGustavo is a Peruvian official guide, he has worked in many tour companies in the jungle, he knows the birding areas very well and recognizes many bird songs easily. He speaks English, French and a little German. He is always willing to work in the field conducting birding groups..


silvia-ponceSilvia has lived in London for a long time and she develops the business of Peruvian Birding and Nature Expeditions in Europe, she is an enthusiast of the Birdwatching and Nature Tourism, has taken part of the BIRDFAIR in Rutland – UK since 2008.  She will keep in contact with you during the previous weeks to your trip to Perú. Being a meticulous person is her greatest asset, she doesn’t miss any detail.


david-torresDavid is a Peruvian naturalist, a good traveler and passionate of birds. David has traveled along North and South America, specially birding routes in Perú. After having traveled widely, he lives in London with his family at present. He is responsible for coordinations of forthcoming trips to Peru. He is an English speaker, his native language is Spanish.


pablo 2.1






Pablo Lopez de Romaña is one of the most important birdwatchers in Perú, he traveled around the world, he is a wellknown environmentalist and empresarial consultant in tourism and environment. He was the Vice Minister of Tourism of the Peruvian Government a few years ago, from his position he encouraged Birdwatching in Perú. He is careful in his work due his wide experience. He is bilingual and knows thoroughly the world of Birdwatching.  He is an excellent tour companion, he sometimes comes along the birdwatching groups to assure everything is well arranged.  At present, he is the Vice President in our company.


victor-martinezVictor is our Managing Director, he is an experienced Birdwatcher, worked in many important Birdwatching Tourist companies as a Tour Conductor and Operations manager. He is an expert in logistics for Birdwatching in Perú. Victor is in charge of making the arrangements so your trip to Perú be one of your best experience. At present, he is the Director of the “Grupo Aves del Perú – G.A.P”, the oldest entity in Perú related to Ornithologyst Research. Also, he was counselor of the Viceminister of Tourism in Perú for issues related to Birdwartching and Nature in the last ten years. He took part in many expeditions of Endemic Birds in Perú. Nowadays he is working on a book of Endemic Birds in Perú.